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Sonoma County's Talking

Sonoma County Talking with Ted Williams

Cardiologist, Dr. Jitesh Vasadia

An interview with Cardiologist, Dr. Jitesh Vasadia from Kaiser Permanente about understanding heart disease, and how to help someone who is having a cardiac emergency.


Jeanne Mariani-Belding with SMART 07.7.2019

Interview with Jeanne Mariani-Belding with SMART train about the summer specials, expansion plans, and train safety reminders.


Petaluma Chamber of Commerce 07.7.2019

Interview with Onita Pellegrini, CEO of the Petaluma Chamber of Commerce, about the history of the city, and it's many attractions.


Steve Page, President Sonoma Raceway 06.23.2019

Interview with Steve Page, President and General Manager of Sonoma Raceway, talking about NASCAR weekend, and all of the events over the two days. 


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